VR destinations

Visit tourist sites in different cities around the world while learning languages in a virtual and interactive environment.

Immerse Language combines virtual tour and online learning technologies to provide you with a unique teaching method in a fun and original environment.

Our destinations

To choose the destinations where we create our VR experiences we take into account 2 aspects:

– It is an interesting tourist destination, in terms of history, culture, and architecture.

– The environment must be adapted to the learning objectives of each lesson.

The first country chosen for the launch of IL is France. In addition to meeting the above requirements, it is where most of the team resides, and it is probably the country that arouses the greatest interest in tourism worldwide.

Little by little we will be adding new destinations and languages so that you can travel the world learning the language of your choice in an immersive and fun way.

France is currently the most visited country for a myriad of reasons. Its ancient and influential history, its exquisite gastronomy, great cultural and artistic offer, and some of the most famous and impressive monuments in the world. A perfect place to learn French on our interactive VR platform.