Gourmet break at the Buvette du Rocher des Doms

Learn how to order in a restaurant

Welcome to the Buvette du Rocher des Doms, a simple, friendly café in a picturesque setting. Imagine enjoying a refreshing drink in the open air, surrounded by the beauty of Provence. Thanks to this immersive experience, you’ll not only discover the warm atmosphere of a Provencal café, but you’ll also learn to order in French like a local.

What you’ll experience: What you get:
  • Order confidently: Have you ever dreamed of ordering in French at a café? With our experience, you can do it without hesitation.
  • Total immersion: Feel the authentic atmosphere of Provence while perfecting your French.
  • Interactive learning: Captivating videos, rich audio, and engaging quizzes make learning fun and effective.
  • 6 immersive videos: Discover the buvette and its picturesque surroundings visually.
  • 4 captivating audios: Immerse yourself in the atmosphere and conversations typical of a Provencal café.
  • 6 interactive quizzes: Test and reinforce your knowledge of buvette vocabulary and expressions.
  • 1 downloadable document: Expand your knowledge and vocabulary.
Immerse yourself in the friendly atmosphere of the buvette at Rocher des Doms and discover the local culture while perfecting your French. Whether you’re a food lover, an enthusiast of Provençal culture, or simply curious, this immersion program will provide an enriching and enjoyable experience. Enjoy this relaxing learning experience in the heart of Avignon!

Enjoy a gourmet break and learn to order like a true Frenchman.